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24.02.2007 9NetAvenue AmEuro Ventures GmbH sells 9 Net Avenue Deutschland

ALL-TLD GmbH takes over 9 Net Avenue Deutschland from AmEuro Ventures GmbH as of March 1, 2007

30.09.2006 monduno monduno goes FLAT!

monduno now offers a flat rate for calls into the standard German telephone network with the “FLAT” Plan.

30.09.2006 monduno New Update for the monduno Website and Control Center

We have updated our Website and Control Center to provide you with additional information and new functions.

14.03.2006 monduno New Features by monduno

monduno Announces new functions and features for all VoIP users!

21.02.2006 9NetAvenue More service with smaller prices

9 Net Avenue Deutschland sinked the prices!

29.11.2005 9NetAvenue Change of Registry for .com, .net, .org and other TLDs

Change of Registry for .com, .net, .org and other TLDs

29.11.2005 9NetAvenue Pre-Registration from .eu Domains

Pre-Registration from .eu Domains

29.11.2005 9NetAvenue Extended Capabilities for Mail Servers in Germany

Extended Capabilities for Mail Servers in Germany 30.11.2005

26.10.2005 monduno The Time is Right

The Time is Right – monduno is now reachable over the 032 Area Code !

18.10.2005 monduno A new Jump in the Evolution from monduno!

monduno celebrated it’s first Birthday on September 24 as a free VoIP Service in Germany.

03.07.2005 monduno A New Big Development in the monduno Evolution

After the last development were it was “only” possible to receive calls from the standard telephone or cellular networks, monduno now makes it possible for you to place calls in both of these networks. And of course, world wide!

21.04.2005 monduno monduno Reaches Another Big Step in its Evolution

It is now possible to receive calls with your monduno phone out of the German, Cellular or International Telephon Networks!

28.02.2005 monduno The New 032 Area Code is Now Activated!

The New 032 Area Code is Now Activated from the Reg – TP

02.02.2005 monduno monduno complete Beta Phase

monduno starts its productive enterprise on 3 February 2005.

21.09.2004 monduno monduno starts Beta Phase

monduno Starts with a simple goal: Allowing internet users the possibility to communicate any time and anywhere.

13.07.2004 9NetAvenue Rack Housing Added to Product Offering

Rack Housing Added to Product Offering

13.06.2004 9NetAvenue 9 Net Avenue Deutschland Celebrates 5th Year Anniversary

9 Net Avenue Deutschland Celebrates 5th Year Anniversary

11.01.2004 9NetAvenue VRoot Servers from 9 Net Avenue Deutschland

VRoot Servers from 9 Net Avenue Deutschland

13.03.2001 9NetAvenue 9 Net Avenue Deutschland Ranked in 1st Place by the Webhostlist

Service Service Service. 9 Net Avenue does not have the world’s best connection to their servers…

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